Two Cuban Dances for piano, four hands Op.19c

The composer’s own arrangement of his Two Cuban Dances for solo piano, made in 1998 at the request of the French pianist François Doublier. It was premiered by Christopher Black and Yoko Katayama at the Nuits Musicales de Beynac-en-Périgord in South-West France. Black and Katayama included the pieces in their 20th Anniversary Tour, performing them in Tokyo (Piano Art Salon), Osaka (Ishihara Hall, Izumi Hall) and Fukuoka (Yukuhashi Cultural Hall). The arrangement has also been performed by Claire and Antoinette Cann, Gisèle and Chantal Andranian (Vissi d’Arte, Paris), and by David Wordsworth and Janet Obi-Keller (Columbia University and New York Union College, Schenectady, New York).


piano four hands


c.5 minutes

Year Completed



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